Professional Development and Tuition Assistance for Employees

University faculty and staff who are employed on a permanent, full-time or a part-time basis (50% FTE or greater) may qualify for tuition assistance for one successfully completed work-related course each fiscal year provided that:

    • the course is not part of a degree requirement for the employee’s position at King’s;
    • the course is relevant to their employment at King’s;
    • the application is made and approval is given by the Programme/Department in advance of registration;
    • that the staff member has completed their probationary period or six months of continuous employment, whichever is longer and, in the case of faculty or administrative group members, upon appointment.

Time off to take courses under this program, where applicable, is not credited as hours worked. Staff may only take courses during working hours if the work requirements of the department can be met and they have authorization from their programme/department to do so.

Courses may be taken at another educational institution, professional association, or institute, etc. for professional development purposes.

The amount to be reimbursed shall be calculated in accordance with the current cost of a per term fee at King’s/Dalhousie, and fees may be partially or fully reimbursed subject to this calculation and the availability of funds within the programme/department’s budget for training.

Tuition assistance is generally considered a taxable benefit. However, in some cases when the course is very clearly job-related, as specified by Canada Revenue Agency, the course fee will not be considered a taxable benefit.