Red Book Overview

Students & Casual Staff employed by the College should consult the Payroll Information Guide enclosed on the Student Employment page

Employees preparing for retirement or retired should review the Retirement Information page.

All other employees of the College should be able to find information on their insured benefits and applicable policies by following the links provided below. If you are having trouble locating something with the Redbook or if these pages do not answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are a new employee, please read the guide for New Employees and then review the insured benefits described in the following sections by employee group.

For general policies applicable to all employee groups, please refer to General Policies.

For purposes of Insured Benefits, all employees fall within one of these four employee groups:

Regular Full-Time

A Full-Time Employee is one who works not less than then normal hours per week in an established position and on a continuous basis, or in the case of a faculty member, one who holds a full-time appointment. Learn more…

Regular Part-Time

A Regular Part-Time Employee is one who works less than full-time, but 50% or more of full-time in an established position, and based on regular and predetermined schedule. Learn more…


A Contract Employee is an employee who holds a regular full-time, or a regular part-time position for a specific period of time. The duration of employment is usually for a period of not less than one but not more than twelve months. Contracts may provide the option for extension or renewal, but the employee’s status and eligibility for group medical and insurance benefits at initial employment is determined by the original contract period. Learn more…


A Temporary or Casual Employee is one who is employed in a job established for a specific and limited purpose, or for the duration of a specific project, or group of assignments, for example: Dons, Coaches, Markers, Teaching Assistants, Journalism, Persons Retained from Outside, and any part time assistance provided by students. Learn more…