Casual/Student Employees

A Casual and Student Employee is one who is employed in a job established for a specific and limited purpose, or for the duration of a specific project, or group of assignments. For example: Dons, Coaches, Markers, Teaching Assistants, Journalism – “Persons Retained From Outside”, and any other part time assistance provided by students. Temporary/Casual employees are paid through Casual/Student Payroll administered by the Human Resources & Compensation Officer.

Contract employees with contracts of less than eight months, Part-Time employees who work less than 50%, and Temporary/Casual employees are not covered under the mandatory benefit plans and are not eligible for coverage under the voluntary benefit plans, but are covered under the Accident Medical Insurance Plan.

Students on Internships approved by the School of Journalism are covered under a special insurance policy. Please speak with the Procure-to-Pay Officer in the Bursar’s Office for more information.

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