Policy In Respect of a Negotiated Severance Arrangement

The University may enter into an agreement with any Faculty or Staff Member who wishes to terminate his or her employment with King’s, who does not have alternate employment at hand, and whose termination is consistent with the academic needs and the financial interest of the University.

The possibility of such an arrangement may be explored informally, but all communication prior to a formal application shall be without prejudice to the employee and the University. Formal application shall be made to the President. The University reserves the right to refuse any application.

If through this process the Member and the University agree to the separation, the Member shall receive a negotiated allowance calculated in accordance with the overall financial situation of the University, the Member’s term of service, the Member’s employment prospects, and the financial implications (if any) to the Dalhousie/King’s financial agreement.

Approved by the Board of Governors November 21, 1991.