Parking Permits

King’s has a limited number of spaces on campus. As requests for parking permits exceed the number of spaces available, priorities have been established for the issuing of parking permits. Earlier policies established in 1990, and last amended in December 2000 worked well until the College grew to the point where there are now normally more faculty and staff travelling to the Campus by car then we have parking spaces available. King’s is unable to provide parking passes for any student, except in extremely exceptional circumstances. All full time registered students have been provided with a Metro U-Pass. While students are not eligible for a temporary pass, after 4:00 PM they are welcome to use any free spaces if attending evening events or classes.

The current policy is:

1st Priority to be given to employees who can demonstrate a need to use a car to get to work on a daily basis. That is, passes will be allocated first to permanent, full-time faculty and staff living outside a 5 KM radius of the University, as faculty and staff within the 5 KM range have access to major bus routes.

2nd Priority to be given to those who can demonstrate a need based on administrative or other overloads, who have been denied a pass because they live within the 5KM range.

3rd Priority to be given to employees (Dean & Dons) who live in residence.

4th Priority to be given to students who can demonstrate a need to use a car to get to classes on a daily basis. Residence students and students on a bus route are not eligible for a parking permit. However, any student may apply for a pass if they believe their requirement should be considered as an exceptional circumstance. Exceptional circumstances might include ongoing health or short term health problems and specific student employment situations (on or off campus).

Temporary Permits: A limited number of temporary passes for volunteer members of the College and visitors to the College with be available from reception. Members of the College who are not eligible for a permanent parking pass are not eligible for a temporary pass. However, after 4pm you are welcome to access any free spaces if you are attending evening events.


Parking Permits for the 2023-24 school year will be available from the Bursar’s Office late August. The cost for a full year pass (Sep – Aug) is $368.00. If you would like to purchase a per term pass the cost for the fall (Sept – Dec) is $161.00, winter (Jan – April) $161.00 and summer (May to Aug) $103.50. HST is included. If you do not qualify for a parking permit, you may fill out an application (available from the Bursar’s Office). Applications will be approved based on the number of spaces remaining.

Parking tickets may be issued at any time on normal business days between 8am and 4pm, or at any other times whenever temporary restrictive parking are in place and such notices posted.

Please contact Tami Kendell for further information.

Updated July 2022