Payroll Information Guide

Casual Employees and Student Employees should be aware:

  • You are required to fill out the TD1 tax forms. If you wish to have extra taxes deducted this must be indicated on the TD1 form. Tax forms can be obtained by your Supervisor or by visiting the Bursar’s Office. Only fully completed tax forms will be accepted. The Employee Number section on the tax form is your Banner ID / Student Identification Number B00******. If you do not have a B00****** number please contact the Human Resources Officer.
  • You are also required to fill out a Direct Deposit form.
  • Tax Forms and Direct Deposit Forms must be received by 12 NOON on the current payroll week.
  • You will be paid at the standard hourly rates that are established each September.
  • 4% vacation pay is added on each pay.
  • If you have questions regarding your pay, you should speak with your supervisor.
  • International students are required to apply for a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) at the Halifax Service Canada Centre located at 1800 Argyle Street, Suite 101. You will first need to request an International Employment memo that will be required with your application (this can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Officer).

Supervisors should be aware:

  • Casual Payroll is processed bi-weekly, and you are encouraged to contact the Human Resources Officer early September to confirm the schedule.
  • Timesheets are to be submitted bi-weekly via email to every second Monday by 12 noon for the previous 2 weeks. Only fully completed, computer generated PDF copies will be accepted.
  • Supervisor honorarium hours are not to be submitted on the regular timesheet, as payroll will record this special pay.
  • Hours cannot be banked and submitted at a later date.
  • Casual pay is deposited into their bank account on Friday. Paystubs will be sent electronically no later than Thursday of the pay week.
  • If your timesheet is submitted late, it will be included on the next bi-weekly payroll, and you are to inform all affected students.
  • The current calendar year TD1s can be found above and must be delivered to employees at the beginning of employment.

Departments/Programs employing casual employees should be aware:

  • Supervisor honorarium hours are not to be submitted on the regular timesheet, as payroll will record this special pay.
  • Your department budget will be charged with the base rate of pay plus 4% vacation pay and the employer paid CPP and EI expense.
  • Paid Statutory Holidays include New Year’s Day, NS Heritage Day, Good Friday, Canada Day, Labour Day, and Christmas Day.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Human Resources Officer