Tuition Fee Waiver

King’s provides a 50% tuition fee waiver for dependants of permanent full-time Faculty and Staff, with two years or more seniority as at the date of registration, in most undergraduate courses leading to a first degree but not including Dentistry, Law and Medicine at Dalhousie.  The waiver does not apply to the one year Bachelor of Journalism program at King’s. Employees must hold a permanent full-time position; waivers are not provided for positions considered as part-time, term positions or contract positions.

Students who qualify to have the University of King’s College pay 50% of their term tuition, must provide the fully completed Tuition Fee Waiver Form to the King’s Student Accounts Office ( on or before the term tuition due date. Students are responsible for paying the remaining 50% of their tuition as well as all incidental fees. Account credits will not be refunded until successful grades are posted. Any unused portion of an applicable registration deposit will be refunded.

Dependants may be defined as:

Spouse: a person who either is married through an ecclesiastical or civil ceremony to the employee, or although not legally married to the employee, cohabits with the employee for at least 12 months in a conjugal relationship which is recognized as such in the community in which they reside.  The term “conjugal relationship” shall be deemed to include a conjugal relationship between partners of the same sex.

Child: any dependent child of an employee to the end of the academic year of the child’s 25th birthday, or beyond that date if dependent on the employee by reason of mental or physical disability.  Dependants are defined as children of the employee for whom the employee is entitled to claim tax credit under the Income Tax Act in the year in which the tuition waiver is requested for children not over the age of twenty-five (25) to whom the employee declares that they provide regular financial support.

Tuition Fee Waiver (PDF)