Vacation Policy (for Staff Members)

This policy applies for all staff members including Clerical, Technical and Administrative classifications.

Staff members are entitled to three weeks of vacation, four weeks after five years of service, and five weeks after fifteen years of service.

Entitlement in a given year is calculated based on completed employment as of June 30th, based on the number of months worked. If less than one full year’s service has been completed, entitlement is prorated. Vacation earned is based on number of weeks worked, and is to be taken in the vacation year July 1st to June 30th. Carry over of vacation days is discouraged; however, vacation days can be carried forward to a maximum of five vacation days.

Vacations shall be taken within this period at a time authorized by the Programme Director or Department Head concerned, with due consideration being given to the efficient operation of the department and the personal wishes and seniority of the Employees.

A vacation day form is to be completed and forwarded to the Human Resouces & Compensation Officer in the Bursar’s Office before each vacation period.

Vacation Day Form (PDF)

Updated August 2018